Miller Morris Photography Portrait Session: Michael

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Michael was referred to me by ReFresh Talent Agency for a series of headshots for his modeling portfolio. Headshots usually conjure up the idea of the close-up of a face with that big smile. While you will find that shot in Michael’s images, when shooting for a portfolio, you get to have a little more fun and show a range of expressions. There is a diverse range of modeling gigs to be had here in San Diego and southern California, from print to commercial to fashion. Having a portfolio that shows your range can lead to all kinds of opportunities. For more tips, check out

But showing that range isn’t just for models. The next time you are thinking about having your portrait taken, give some thought to the range of expressions you’d like to try and talk it over with your photographer. Long gone are the days of your school pictures. Let your photographer guide you through your poses and expressions even if they don’t seem like the “right” way. You just might come away with the portrait of a lifetime!

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Miller Morris Photography Portrait Session: Michael

Miller Morris Photography – Miller Who?

Ryan Morris, Miller Morris Photography
Ryan Morris
Portrait Photographer
Miller Morris Photography

I love images. As a kid, television and the movies were my world. They took me on adventures and put me in worlds a boy from small town Ohio never got to see. Those moving images enveloped me and took me along on their ride. They still do.

As much as I love moving images, there was always something more magical about a still image to me. Wondering when the photograph was taken, why it was taken and what the story was behind it. That allowed my imagination to run wild.

I got my first camera, a Polaroid, for Christmas when I was eight years old. I remember starting to take pictures with it, trying to take interesting pictures. I was a little frustrated because back in the day I could only take so many pictures before I was out of film and I thought my pictures were boring.

So, as I’m running out of my first cartridge of film, I decided on a sneak attack. Our bathroom was at the end of a long hallway and my mom was in there putting on makeup. I got down on my belly and started crawling down the hall, trying to stay hidden in the shadows until I could get close enough to take her picture.

Finally, when I was close enough to her, I raised up and click, I snapped the picture. Now, like I said, it was a long hallway. I was eight. My mom knew I was sneaking up on her. When the photo came out of the camera and developed, I had the best photograph of my mom, leaning over the sink to put her makeup on, looking at me sideways and sticking her tongue out at me.

I still have that picture of my mom and it is my favorite photo of her. I captured the spirit of my mom perfectly in that image. How beautiful she is and how ornery she is. I love that I captured that moment and will have it always.

Capturing a single moment in time, knowing that moment will never happen again, is such a beautiful concept to me. That’s why I love photography.

Miller Morris Photography – Miller Who?